My latest Freeman article: “Check Your History”



Check Your History

MARCH 11, 2014

Those who use the word “privilege” as a bludgeon don’t understand the word’s history any better than they do the complexity of power dynamics. [FULL ARTICLE]

liberty props

JohnWilkesIn my previous post, "worshipping the wrong goddess," I wrote, that "the words and symbols of liberty and independence inspired generations of freedom fighters, not just the ones we call the Founding Fathers."

My wife asked me what symbols I was referring to.

One very puzzling symbol I’ve encountered but had never bothered to look into is the "liberty cap" (or "liberty hat") and "liberty pole" (a pole with a liberty cap on it).

One example is the main image of this post, which I came across when I blogged about the British classical liberal John Wilkes.

What in the world is that pole with the weird upside-down bowl on top?

While looking into the history of Lady Liberty, I came across the blog "18th-century American Women" by Barbara Wells Sarudy, who explains:

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